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Streamline your property leasing with our all-in-one solution
Tenantpro streamlines every aspect of your leasing process, from handling tenant applications to ensuring compliance. Say yes to more time, increased profits, and a smarter way of leasing properties.
Used by lettings & real estate agencies and landlords alike
The unified platform for property management
Tenantpro offers an ultimate solution for property management. With a comprehensive platform that combines all aspects of tenancy management into one, Tenantpro simplifies your work and elevates productivity, making it the all-in-one platform for tenancy management.
Maximize your rental property management with a solution designed for landlords.
Empower your tenants with the ultimate rental experience through our unified platform solution.
Accelerate your agency's success with our solutions specifically designed for you.
Streamline maintenance services and and efficiently track delivery by contractors.
Discover the ease and efficiency of tenant management with tenantpro in action
Whether you have a domestic team or a growing worldwide workforce, Deel HR is custom-built for every worker, in any country, so you can compliantly manage everyone in one place.
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Everything you need, all in one place
Experience a seamless and efficient process of managing your properties, tenants, contractors, and more. Whether you're a landlord, agency, contractor, or maintenance professional, this platform will revolutionize the way you work.
Analytics and Insights
Real time data to aid your decisions
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Leads Management
Track and manage leads and prospects
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Landlord Management
Property and tenant management all-in-one
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Property Management
Add and manage multiple properties
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Tenant Management
Keep track of tenants and other information
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Lease and Tenancy
Manage and track leases of properties
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Rent and Payments
Rental payments made even easier
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Make informed decisions on tenant selection
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Stay in line with relevant laws and regulations
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Your legal contracts and others all in one place
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Manage and track maintenance operations
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Contractors and Suppliers
Manage relationship with vendors
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Client Manager, Knight Frank
Maximize productivity with a single, all-inclusive platform
Enjoy easy access to all information and tools, streamlined communication, and guaranteed compliance, all from a single, user-friendly platform. Maximize productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve success like never before.
Centralize all your property management tasks in one place
Access all information and tools from a single dashboard
Save time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems
Increase efficiency by having all your data in one accessible location
Streamline communication and collaboration with team members
Ensure compliance in all tenancy processes with ease
Keep up-to-date with all relevant laws and regulations, maintain accurate records, and treat all tenants fairly and consistently. Improve efficiency, reduce legal liabilities and penalties, and ensure peace of mind with our powerful platform.
Automate tenancy processes to eliminate manual errors
Stay updated with all relevant laws and regulations
Maintain compliance in all tenancy activities
Ensure fair and consistent treatment of tenants
Keep accurate records of all tenancy agreements and communications
Join other lettings agencies who are simplifying and enhancing their processes.
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